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3 Elements of an Effective Elevator Pitch

Did you want to Create a Customized 30-Second Elevator Pitch?

Here are the 3 elements of an effective elevator pitch:

1. Ask a Power Question to get their attention

Your Elevator Pitch needs to be about them
Asking a Power Question engages them in a conversation
Examples of a customized Power Question

2. Give a Client Success Story

This is the key to differentiation
No one else works with your customers exactly the way you do
Give a specific example of a happy customer (in 2 sentences)
Examples of 2-Sentence Client Success Stories

3. Call them To Action!

What is the next step in your process?
Make it easy to stay in touch
Send them something of value to them
Add them to your email newsletter
Invite them to an upcoming seminar
Send them an article on one of their hobbies
Strengthen Your Call to Action

Develop your own 30-Second Elevator Pitch right now

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