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Becoming a Trusted Advisor

Meet the Right People
Stop Wasting Time

A hands-on, interactive, on-line, 5-week group coaching program to
get better results from your current networking efforts

You’re busy. You don’t have time to add more networking events to your schedule.

Which is why growing your business is all about making the most effective use of the time you already do spend networking.

Because let’s face it.

There’s nothing quick about getting results from business networking.

At least not the way most people go about it.

I know.

Because I’ve made all the mistakes.

  • I’ve avoided after hours events because I couldn’t yet see how all those financial planners could actually help me grow my business.

  • I’ve complained about poor attendance at my leads group meetings because I hadn’t yet learned what to do between meetings to generate more and better leads.

  • I’ve acted like an outsider at networking events, because I didn’t yet fully understand the process (and the benefits) of becoming a networking insider.

  • I’ve squandered big opportunities because I wasn’t yet aware of the crucial difference between business networking and sales.

  • I’ve said whatever came to mind as an Elevator Pitch because I thought that keeping it fresh was more important than getting better leads.

  • I’ve procrastinated following up because I didn’t know a better way than cold calling off the business cards I’d collected.

  • I’ve created awkward situations because I was still trying to use my Elevator Pitch as an answer to “What do you do?”

  • I’ve wasted hundreds of hours (and dollars) at leads groups meetings because I didn’t yet know how (and why) to set up effective 1-on-1’s.

  • I’ve talked generally about what I do because I didn’t realize that specifics sell.

  • I’ve stopped attending events too soon because I didn’t know that you have to attend the same event at least three times in a row before you expect any kind of results

My name is Andrew Winig.

Over the past 9 years, I’ve helped hundreds of people drastically improve their Elevator Pitch and their business networking results. There’s no doubt about it, business networking is a remarkably effective way to expand your referral network and grow your business.

The problem is that it only works if you do it (and do it well). And that, I’m willing to bet, is what’s been in your way all this time.

So Close…

I work with so many people who believe that they are wasting their time at “disappointing” networking events.

Yet when we take a closer look at the event, any event they attended, we quickly spot several good opportunities that they overlooked.

It turns out that business networking success doesn’t look like what people expect it to look like.

And once you know what to expect, it’s much easier (and faster) to generate qualified leads.

Two Types of People

The people I’ve worked with since 2007 fall into one of two categories:

  1. Some know they should network more, but can’t seem to find the time or motivation to locate and attend the right types of events

  2. Some are very active networkers, who participate in multiple chambers and leads groups, yet their results don’t justify their time and energy

A New Insight

Recently, I’ve realized that both groups of people face exactly the same challenge in terms of becoming more effective at business networking.

These are the people who, while they believe that there should be huge benefits from networking on a regular basis, have never seen those kinds of results from a single event, so they erroneously conclude that business networking is a waste of time.

I used to think that way too.

See, the thing that no one had ever taken the time to fully teach me is that business networking is a process, and the first step in that process is attending an event. Becoming a Trusted Advisor is the series of strategies to apply next, to move the process forward, developing trust and communication to expand your referral network and generate more and better leads.

People who participate in this hands on program will learn strategies to

  • Get better results from fewer events

  • Figure out who the right people are (and which events they attend)

  • Start conversations with anyone, anywhere

  • Run productive leads group meetings even when key people are absent

  • Follow up so that the right people respond to your calls and emails every time

In a group coaching environment where they…

  • Move through the Business Networking process in a structured, “class” format

  • Receive supporting materials and examples to help them along the way

  • Have an opportunity to learn from and interact with other people

  • Have some access to me, but without having to commit either the time or money involved in a more traditional consulting arrangement

  • Benefit from the group energy, focus and set timeline that working in a group provides

If this sounds like you, keep reading. (If it sounds like someone else, send them the link already!)

“I also felt relief – relief to know that it’s ok to network by talking to people the way I do when I want to get to know them versus having to adopt a more impersonal ‘business’ persona.”

Jan Whitted
ArtBeat Creativity Stores

Finding Clients is the Hard Part

You’re good at what you do — in fact you LOVE what you do — but you don’t know a lot about marketing, and you hate cold calling.

Whether you’re a financial planner, attorney, consultant, coach, recruiter, writer or other professional, you want to spend your time doing the work you love and know how to do.

But in order to do that you need an ongoing stream of prospects and clients — and you haven’t yet figured out how to make that happen consistently.

Business Networking can solve this problem for you.

Since I launched my own business in 2007, I’ve never made a cold call, never sent a piece of direct mail and never spent a cent on advertising.

And it’s all because I have an effective approach to Business Networking (something which you can have too).

My group coaching program – Becoming a Trusted Advisor – launches on Thursday October 13, 2016. It’s priced at a deliberately accessible $497.00 (you’re welcome) and includes the following staggeringly useful items:

  • Live access to 5, one-hour, weekly group phone calls. I’ll do most of the talking, but we limit session enrollment to just 25 people to give you time for questions and to make this as much like an in-person session as possible.

  • A complete copy of my ABC’s of the 30-Second Elevator Pitch On-Demand Video Training Program. It sells by itself for $297.00 – you get it at no additional cost. The Elevator Pitch is the first skill of the Trusted Advisor. We’ll use this program as our study guide as we move through the material together and it’s yours to keep as a future resource and reference.

  • Two, 60-minute, one-on-one phone sessions with me ($500.00 value). You can use this at your convenience at any time within 90 days from the start of the program. Save up your questions and, when you’re ready, we’ll schedule time together to talk specifically about you and your business networking strategy.

  • A private, group bulletin board and online community just for session participants (and me) to share ideas, samples, exercises and questions throughout the five week program.

  • A copy of all the slides, all the recorded sessions and all the session transcripts. This way, if you need to miss a session or simply want to review after the fact, you’ll be all set.

A Tested Approach

This 5-week program is based on the same approach I use one-on-one with clients and that I’ve fine-tuned for hundreds of clients.

It works, simple as that. It’s filled with tested exercises and assignments, real world examples, and plenty of do’s and don’ts, all intended to help you create an effective business networking strategy for your business.

Here’s what you’ll receive when you register for the 5-week program:

Module 1 – Answering “What do you do?”

Thursday, October 13, 2pm EST

Most business networking fails because people don’t understand the big picture – they attend a random event, and describe their work in whatever way comes to mind, and then are so frustrated that no one signed up for their services that they don’t take the next steps to develop the really big opportunities that do exist at any of these kinds of events. In this session we’ll take the first step by understanding the real goal of the Elevator Pitch, which will make it easier to answer the only three networking questions in a way that starts productive business conversations. We’ll cover:

  • How to personalize your answers to the only three business networking questions

  • Seven conversation starters

  • What to do if you hate promoting yourself

  • A simple fix to the biggest mistake people make with their Elevator Pitch

  • Why 30 seconds is waaaay too long 95% of business networking situations

  • What is Business Networking good for / not good for?

  • Understanding the Business Networking process

  • The importance of authenticity in your Business Networking

  • And more…

Module 2 – Effective Follow Up

Thursday, October 20, 2pm EST

For many people, their lack of results isn’t from lack of effort, or intelligence, or competence. It’s from a lack of following up consistently and effectively. In this session, I’ll show you how to follow up in a way that will make people eager to take your call. We’ll cover:

  • How much follow up is too much?

  • The productive way to collect (or hand out) business cards

  • How to avoid annoying your prospects

  • Seven compelling calls to action

  • What to do when people don’t respond to your phone calls or emails

  • How to get more leads out of fewer events

  • The reason most people have such a hard time following up consistently

  • How to send emails (and leave voice messages) that guarantee a response

  • And more…

Module 3 – What’s a one-on-one?

Thursday, October 27, 2pm EST

The single best thing you can do to improve your business networking results? Schedule a one-on-one. We’ll show you who to schedule it with, when and where to hold it, and how to make sure it’s productive. We’ll cover:

  • How to approach the right people in the right way to schedule a one-on-one

  • Three common pitfalls

  • Questions to ask (and questions to avoid)

  • Why you’re better off meeting with people who will never be your prospect

  • The five differences between a one-on-one and a sales call

  • The main reason people avoid one-on-ones

  • Why the one-on-one is so effective (and so infrequently scheduled)

  • And more…

Module 4 – Introduce Yourself Memorably

Thursday, November 3, 2pm EST

This session covers the 30-Second Elevator Pitch itself. Step by step we’ll develop your power question, client success story, and compelling call to action. Then we’ll show you how to put it all together to bring in better leads whenever you introduce yourself to a crowd. We’ll cover:

  • The three elements of an effective Elevator Pitch

  • The difference between your formal and conversational Elevator Pitch

  • Why you should never tailor your Elevator Pitch for your audience

  • What to offer people to get them to willingly hand you their contact information

  • When to use your 30-Second Elevator Pitch (and when not to)

  • How to measure the effectiveness of your Elevator Pitch

  • How many leads you can reasonably expect when using your Elevator Pitch

  • Three ways to grab your audience’s attention

  • Why it’s so hard for most people to describe what they do

  • And more…

Module 5 – Becoming a Trusted Advisor

Thursday, November 10, 2pm EST

You’re almost there! Becoming a trusted advisor means knowing other trusted advisors. In this session we’ll focus on techniques for expanding your referral network. We’ll cover:

  • The Five Skills of a Trusted Advisor

  • Expanding Your Referral Network

  • Leveraging social media

  • What to look for in a networking group

  • When and how often to attend networking events

  • How to get more referrals

  • Tracking success

  • How to leverage your Elevator Pitch content in other ways and in other media

  • And more…

“I really enjoyed the Effective Follow Up program. It is amazing how simple your process is.”

Dave Gardner
Boyds Direct


Here’s a summary of the Becoming a Trusted Advisor program:

  • Live access to 5, one-hour, weekly group phone calls

  • A complete copy of my ABC’s of the 30-Second Elevator Pitch On-Demand Video Training Program ($279 value)

  • Two, 60-minute, one-on-one phone session with me ($500.00 value)
  • A private, group bulletin board and online community just for session participants

  • A copy of all the slides, all the recorded sessions and all the session transcripts

The entire program is just $497.00.397.00

Still thinking about it?

I understand. But here’s the thing. One way or another, in order to gain visibility, establish yourself as a trusted advisor, generate web site traffic and attract the clients and income you want, you’ve got to get going meeting people.

Business Networking does all that (and more).

And if what’s been keeping you from moving forward is fear or confusion or just good old fashioned inertia, this 5-week program is what you need to get moving.

I’ll address your concerns, explain away your confusion, and introduce you to a terrific group of fellow business development professionals struggling with (and solving) many of the same problems as you.

“I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been going to a couple of BNI meetings and applying your ‘telling the story’ technique and it has given me a completely different mindset for these sort of things. I’m actually a lot more at ease in these environments than I used to be. In other words I don’t feel kind of awkward at first. I’m just behaving like myself and telling stories like I do. So anyway I just wanted to let you know that I feel a real difference in that and I appreciate your help…”

Dave Backus
Fish Window Cleaning / Leominster

“But what if I can’t attend all 5 sessions?”

Chances are you can’t — life tends to get in the way. That’s why we record everything. We’ll send you all the audio and all the slides. We’ll even transcribe the sessions and send them to you so you can read them, highlight them and take notes WHENEVER IT’S CONVENIENT FOR YOU.

“OK, but what if I don’t like working in a group?”

That’s fine. You can participate as much or as little as you like (it’s a benefit, not a requirement). There are homework assignments between modules that will help you learn and internalize the material, but you decide the extent to which you do the work and/or share it with others in the program.

“How do I know this is worth $497.00?”

You don’t. At least not for sure. That’s why I offer a full-price, money back guarantee. If you enroll in the program and at any point during the 60 days from when the program starts, you don’t think it’s worth what you paid for it, I’ll refund the entire thing.

But think about it this way. In terms of investing in your business, you’ll very likely earn back the program fee (at least) the first time your business networking brings you just one new client.

“Are there any bonus materials you can include that will make this even more worthwhile?”

You drive a hard bargain. But I understand; here’s what else you’ll get when you enroll in this program:


Two Copies of “Elevator Pitch Handbook: The Step-by-Step Guide to Starting Conversations”

Keep one copy for yourself, and start to develop your Trusted Advisor Community by giving the other copy to a colleague, client, or vendor.

This book is packed with real-world examples, roll-up-your-sleeves exercises, and business networking tips that inspire people to call you with leads.

Here is what it covers:

• The three biggest mistakes people make with the Elevator Pitch

• What the Elevator Pitch is (and isn’t)

• Choosing your target audience

• The single best approach for answering “What do you do?”

• The best length for an Elevator Pitch

• How to measure the success of your Elevator Pitch

• Why limiting the scope of your Elevator Pitch works to your advantage


“Trusted Advisor Community Recordings Library”

Over 40 recordings of live programs that answer any questions you have about business networking. Our 3 ideas in 37 minutes format means that you get practical techniques you can use immediately to grow your business and expand your referral network.

Here are our more popular programs:

• Maximize Your Chamber Membership

• Networking on a Tight Budget

• Getting Past the Gatekeeper

• How to get Great Leads from Bad Events

• Go Where Your Prospects Aren’t

• Give Professional Referrals

• How to Use Social Media

• What Makes You Unique



• Live access to 5, one-hour, weekly group phone calls

• A complete copy of my ABC’s of the 30-Second Elevator Pitch ($297.00 value)

• Two, 60-minute, one-on-one phone session with me ($500.00 value)

• A private, group bulletin board and online community just for session participants

• A copy of all the slides, all the recorded sessions and all the session transcripts

• Bonus #1: Two copies of “Elevator Pitch Handbook: The Step-by-Step Guide to Starting Conversations” ($70.00 value)

• Bonus #2: “Trusted Advisor Community Webinar Recordings Library” ($297.00 value)

• A 60-DAY, Money Back Guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with the materials

All for just $497.00.397.00

Time To Get Started

One last thing. Business Networking has been around for a loooong time and at this point, there’s no shortage of information available regarding the particulars. So yes, you could probably spend a couple of weeks searching the web and, assuming you knew whose advice to follow and whose to disregard, figure out what needs to be done.

I’m guessing though, that if you’ve read this far, that’s not really what’s stopping you.

The real challenge is in moving forward and having a system in place that will help you network month after month. It’s in having a framework and an approach that works (not to mention a group of other professionals working alongside of you to offer their own thoughts, examples and encouragement).

That’s my hope for this program and for you. That I can help you create something that you’re proud of, that reflects who you are and what you do, and that brings you the stature and clients you want and deserve.

I hope you’ll register now and join us beginning on October 13th.


Andrew Winig
Your Elevator Pitch Coach

P.S. I’ve offered a money back guarantee, to make this as easy and risk free for you as possible. Place your order, get started with us and see for yourself.

P.P.S. Still have questions? Just send me an e-mail or give me a call (my direct line: 617-794-9797), and I’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.