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Business Networking Checkup

It’s time to re-energize your business networking!

How do I stay motivated?

Zig Ziglar likes to say that motivation doesn’t last, but neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily!

In this 60-minute coaching call we’ll take a look at all your business networking activities, and help you focus on the ones that attract profitable customers.

We helped a business coach identify an untapped market of entrepreneurial-minded people who could benefit from a profitable side hustle.

We get on the call, and you start talking.

I want to know about the networking groups you belong to, the networking events you attend, and the products or services you’re selling.

We helped a keynote speaker identify her most profitable type of talk. By promoting only that type of program, and by requiring a 50% deposit to secure the date, she stopped wasting time with tire-kickers and cheapskates, signed up better clients, and was able to more than double her speaking fee.

I’ve had people tell me they “have to give to get” in a networking group. But it’s been three years (3 years!?!?!?!?) and they haven’t gotten any introductions.

I do not have that kind of patience, and you shouldn’t either.

If you’re having regular coffee meetings, you should get introductions within two or three months.

Taking you longer? On this call I can help you identify what steps to take to either get referrals or get out of the group.

Stop wasting time at your networking groups.

Schedule your Business Networking Checkup today.