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Category: Delegating

Through the Fire (without getting burned)

February 4, 2011
Think Like a Leader

My two week old daughter is screaming like a pterodactyl. I grimace at the sound and pull the swaddle tighter. She screams louder. Her startled eyes dart back and forth, pleading for freedom. Then, abruptly, she closes her eyes, and sleeps peacefully for two hours. Bliss. It’s the screaming louder that makes it a challenge. It […]

PT49Y: A communication lesson from my 16-month-old

January 29, 2011
Think Like a Leader

PT49Y My 16-month-old handed me these letters yesterday. Deliberately. One at a time. In this order. She has foam letters in her bath. And she makes it clear that these are the ones she wants me to have. In this order. What does it mean? Nothing, of course. And everything. I receive the communication. With appropriate […]

Jan 27: Create More Hours in your Day

January 27, 2011
Time Management

Time Management Webinar Series: 1 of 3 If you are working harder and harder and accomplishing less and less, we have 3 pieces of great news. We don’t blame you. Starting in elementary school we’ve all been taught that we have to do all our work ourselves. So it’s only natural when faced with more […]

3 Leadership Tips from a Blaring TV and an Oil Change

January 24, 2011
Think Like a Leader

My most productive time?  Waiting for my car at the repair shop.  I’m not kidding.  It’s good thinking time.  No distractions.  So I drop off my car and head up to the waiting room.  I find a guy typing away on his laptop,  AND A VERY LOUD TV IN THE CORNER I can feel my headache starting. […]