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Category: Teamwork

3 Mirrors and a Video Camera

August 24, 2010
Delegating, Teamwork

My wife cringes as I swing our Mazda CX-9 into reverse to parallel park in a spot on Boylston Street. There’s no reason for my parallel parking to make her nervous. After all, I have a secret weapon. Our CX-9 has a backup cam. I always know exactly where I am. I can choose the […]

5 Reasons to Love a Down Economy

In the last down economy, I got laid off. In this down economy my businesses are up over 20%. What changed? Now, I Think Like a LeaderYou can too… 5 Reasons I Love a Down Economy: I can hire great people Everything (yes, everything) is on Sale My competition fears a slow economy much more than they have ever […]

December is the Best Time to Delegate

December 10, 2009
Delegating, Teamwork

December is the best time to delegate because everyone wants to take a vacation. And vacations are the best opportunity to delegate tasks. Let’s face it. It’s tougher to do someone else’s work when they are standing there watching you do it. Here are 2 ways to empower your team during December: TIP 1: Use […]

How Many Hours in Your Day?

Working alone is like swimming through molasses. Once you experience the productivity of a great team It’s impossible to go back. You get used to the faster speed of accomplishment I figured this out programming computers My first project was too big to do by myself I needed help. I developed a team. I made […]

The Hands-Off Micromanager

October 8, 2009
Delegating, Teamwork

Is it better to be hands off or a micromanager? Neither. In fact, while these sound like two opposite styles, they actually refer to a single style: The Hands Off Micromanager. Here’s how it works: You manage hands off. An employee disappoints you. You micromanage that employee. The employee rebels (bad) or quits (worse). You […]