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Category: Teamwork

The Leader

You produce results While others make Excuses You rise to the challenge You exceed the expectations People follow you because You have a passion A vision. A plan. You know your people Their skills Their fears Their dreams You determine the facts Not to belittle Never to punish To support. To inspire To succeed. An […]

Leaders are Quitters

September 11, 2009
Delegating, Teamwork, Think Like a Leader

Are you a quitter? I just quit doing my own bookkeeping. It’s not that the books aren’t being kept. I still need and use the monthly reports to run the business. I hired and trained a bookkeeper. For the first time in seven years, I do not have to run my monthly numbers. I can […]

Four Step Delegation Process

August 17, 2009
Delegating, Teamwork

Step 1: Demonstrate You know how to do this task. You’ve been doing it for years. Soon it will be your employees turn. You get one last shot at glory. Show your employee how to do the task, step by step. Encourage your employee to take notes and ask questions. Go through it several times. […]

The Fuel Gauge

Suppose I am driving from Boston to LA. I hop on the Pike. I drive through Worcester and Springfield. I enter New York and cruise past Albany. I see a light on my dashboard as I approach Syracuse. Low Fuel. Do I junk this car that has failed me? Do I figure I’ll have to walk the rest of the […]