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Category: Think Like a Leader

Picking the Big Winner of March Madness

February 28, 2011
Think Like a Leader

Who did you pick to be the big winner of March Madness? Ohio State? Nope. Kansas? Sorry. Duke? Not even close. Want a hint? The big winner of March Madness is the same every year. Yup. Every single year there is one outrageous winner. The NCAA. Hundreds of teams. Thousands of players. Millions of fans. […]

Leaders: 3 Reasons your Prospect isn’t Returning your Calls

February 21, 2011
Think Like a Leader

My webinar platform sales rep is on the phone. He’s offering more functionality at a reduced monthly cost. Too good to be true? No. It’s a no-brainer upgrade to show off new functionality for their best customers. (You do offer outrageous incentives for current customers, right?) I assure him I’ll upgrade that day. He sends me an electronic link to upgrade my account. […]

Professional Speakers: Google Tip to Find More Speaking Opportunities

February 14, 2011
Think Like a Leader

Want to find more speaking opportunities? I discovered a great opportunity a few weeks ago through networking. I applied online. And started wondering how I could get notified of these online calls for speakers. Here’s the tip: Go to Google Alerts Enter search terms: Speaker Application Boston (or whatever city makes sense to you) The […]

Through the Fire (without getting burned)

February 4, 2011
Think Like a Leader

My two week old daughter is screaming like a pterodactyl. I grimace at the sound and pull the swaddle tighter. She screams louder. Her startled eyes dart back and forth, pleading for freedom. Then, abruptly, she closes her eyes, and sleeps peacefully for two hours. Bliss. It’s the screaming louder that makes it a challenge. It […]

PT49Y: A communication lesson from my 16-month-old

January 29, 2011
Think Like a Leader

PT49Y My 16-month-old handed me these letters yesterday. Deliberately. One at a time. In this order. She has foam letters in her bath. And she makes it clear that these are the ones she wants me to have. In this order. What does it mean? Nothing, of course. And everything. I receive the communication. With appropriate […]