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Category: Think Like a Leader

3 Leadership Tips from a Blaring TV and an Oil Change

January 24, 2011
Think Like a Leader

My most productive time?  Waiting for my car at the repair shop.  I’m not kidding.  It’s good thinking time.  No distractions.  So I drop off my car and head up to the waiting room.  I find a guy typing away on his laptop,  AND A VERY LOUD TV IN THE CORNER I can feel my headache starting. […]

It’s About Time

January 16, 2011
Think Like a Leader

Have you ever forgotten something at the supermarket? Did you ever hit redial because you forgot to mention…? My office is 20 minutes from my house. And I am only there once a week (I delegate the rest) So if I forget to      sign a contract      write the bonus checks, or      pick […]

5 Crucial Non-Speaking Skills for the Professional Speaker

November 15, 2010
Delegating, Think Like a Leader

Professional Speakers! Here are 5 skills that have nothing to do with your speech and everything to do with your reputation 1. Arrive Early Arrive at the event 10 minutes before you’re expected and at least 30 minutes before the speech. There’s nothing more stressful for an event planner than wondering where you are. Get there before […]