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Speaking Their Language

November 29, 2017
Elevator Pitch

I’m already in my tux so I glance at the room service menu in our New York hotel as my wife finishes getting ready for her cousin’s wedding. Now did I want something “Handheld” or “Fork and Knife?” Oops! It got me. I didn’t want anything. We were on our way to a New York […]

Elevator Pitch for a Non-Profit

November 14, 2017
Elevator Pitch

“I work for a non-profit and we have dozens of programs. How do I cover that in my Elevator Pitch?” There are two approaches to this, and in both cases you have to choose one thing to talk about. One thing? I know, I know. But there might be someone in the audience who is […]

The Worst Halloween Ever

November 1, 2017
Elevator Pitch

After the fourth house my 6-year-old daughter wails to her younger sister “This is the worst Halloween ever.” Our neighborhood is turning over, so the first four doorbells in the cul-de-sac yield empty houses and no one home. But my wife and I know two things: 1. There are some people in the neighborhood 2. […]

An Elevator Pitch that Attracts Referrals

October 24, 2017
Elevator Pitch

“I don’t remember saying that” says a member of my business network when I call him with a perfect opportunity for him. I see this a lot – offhand comments that generate great referrals. The skill is to recognize the gems so you can craft an Elevator Pitch that attracts more of those referrals. Here’s […]


October 18, 2017
Elevator Pitch

Something was missing, and it wasn’t just the training wheels. My eight year old daughter had no interest in learning to ride her two-wheeler. Then came October 19th. Ok. As I write this, it’s not October 19th yet. Which is kind of the point. Her school announces a bike rodeo, and suddenly my daughter is […]