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Category: Elevator Pitch

Does a Professional Button-Pusher need an Elevator Pitch?

March 8, 2022
Elevator Pitch

I’m standing at the “load here” sign at the high-speed quad at New Hampshire’s Ragged Mountain with the next chair sitting stationary about a yard behind me. Which means that I have a front row seat for the mounting panic in the control room. The operator pushes the button. The lift groans, gains tension, and […]

How to be Memorable at a Networking Event

March 1, 2022
Elevator Pitch

“Give your name, business name, and 3-Word Elevator Pitch“ 3 words?!?!?!?!?! That was a mad scramble to come up with something to say. And at the time it seemed novel and intriguing and engaging. It remains one of the most productive networking meetings I’ve ever attended – I got a new client plus several good […]

When you network, are you shopping or running errands?

January 13, 2022
Elevator Pitch

Five days before Christmas, I went shopping. Not online. Instead I got into my car, drove to an outdoor mall, pulled into a parking spot, and physically walked into stores. I know it sounds radical, but while Amazon will next-day deposit anything you can think of at your front door, this was different. I didn’t […]

3 Reasons High Maintenance Elevator Pitches are Better

January 4, 2022
Elevator Pitch

My daughter sees the raw brisket on the counter and reads the sticker: Slow cook in liquid “That seems oddly specific” “It gets worse,” I offer as I heat up the pan and first brown the brisket on all sides. My daughter jokingly rolls her eyes. “This is one high maintenance meal.” “The meat’s tough,” […]