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The Most Avoidable Mistake of All Time

September 6, 2022
Elevator Pitch

“How do you not see that coming?“ Lin-Manuel Miranda talks about his inspiration in Judd Apatow’s book Sicker in the Head. “[Hamilton’s] son died in a duel, and then [Hamilton]¬†died in a duel in the same place three years later… It felt like the most avoidable mistake of all time.” And it gets me thinking […]

One way to make your Elevator Pitch go “POP!”

August 23, 2022
Elevator Pitch

I press the red reset button on the electrical outlet in my garage and hear a loud “POP!” That’s not what it usually does, so, like an untrained monkey, I press it again. And again. And again. pop! Pop! POP! “That’s not a good sign,” I think to myself. But I’m not sure what to […]

Examples of a 30-Second Elevator Pitch

July 5, 2022
Elevator Pitch

Scroll down for dozens of examples, samples, and templates of the 30-Second Elevator Pitch! Customize¬†your Elevator Pitch right here. It takes less than 2 minutes! Simply choose whether you want to grow your business or find a job, then click next… Business Coach Life Coach Business Lawyer Mortgage Broker Commercial Real Estate Project Management Employee […]

A Surprisingly Good Elevator Pitch for a Firefighter

May 3, 2022
Elevator Pitch

It’s 12:30am and they respond to my 911 call with lights flashing but no sirens. My smoke detectors are alternately wailing and robotically intoning “EVACUATE” but there is no smell of smoke or sign of fire. We can’t find the dog – she hates loud noises – so I endure the earsplitting racket as I […]

The Hook that Prevents your Elevator Pitch from Being Forgotten

April 27, 2022
Elevator Pitch

This time, when the shower drain backs up, I grab a wire coat hanger. A friend has shown me a trick that side-steps purchasing a snake from Amazon, dumping gallons of Drano into the sewer, and that panicked off-hours emergency call to the plumber. Stretch out a wire hanger, and dip the hook into the […]