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3 Ideas in 37 Minutes to motivate yourself and your team, create more hours in your day, and delegate more effectively.

Jan 17: How to Start Conversations at Networking Events

September 23, 2011
Leadership Lunch Webinar

Increase your confidence and credibility in any networking situation. These 3 Elevator Pitch Examples will make you more effective at trade shows, business networking events, and social gatherings. This fast-paced interactive session will keep you on your toes with cutting edge techniques, real world examples, and a simpler, more effective approach to starting business conversations. […]

Motivate Your Team

As team leader, how do you deal with: Dead Wood Absenteeism Lack of Follow Through Negativity Join us for our monthly 3 Ideas in 37 Minutes Webinar. You’ll learn 3 skills you can use immediately to turn around any team. Why the traditional forms of motivation only make things worse How to Inspire rather than […]

Elevator Pitch CPR

You have a great brand and a great company, So why do your prospect’s eyes glaze over when you describe what you do? Breathe new life into your elevator pitch at our monthly 3 ideas in 37 minutes Leadership Lunch Webinar. You’ll learn 3 Elevator Pitch techniques you can use immediately to o Differentiate yourself o […]

Learn the Truth from Job Candidates

February 24, 2011
Leadership Lunch Webinar

How can you get any meaningful information about a job candidate from a measly 30 minute interview? Easy. There is only 1 question you need to memorize, and 1 skill you need to master to discover the truth about any job candidate. Join us for our monthly 3 Ideas in 37 Minutes webinar. You’ll learn […]

Strengthen Your Call to Action

January 24, 2011
Leadership Lunch Webinar

Still waiting for your phone to ring? Join us for our monthly 3 Ideas in 37 Minutes webinar on inspiring your prospects to take action. You’ll learn: The only reason your phone isn’t ringing The key to an effective Call to Action Inspiring Prospects to Buy We want you to get more leads from your […]