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Get a 30-Second Elevator Pitch that Sounds Like You

Elevator Pitch – One Hour Coaching Call

We schedule a one hour phone call.

You fill out a 5-question worksheet (takes less than three minutes)

For the first 30 minutes of that call I ask you a series of fun-to-answer questions that are designed to help me get to know you, your work, and your best clients.

In the next 30 minutes I write your unique and memorable 30-Second Elevator Pitch and clear and concise answer to “What do you do.” You’re on the phone the whole time to make sure what I write is fun to say, easy to memorize, and, most importantly, sounds like you!

You use your new Elevator Pitch for two weeks.

We schedule a 15 minute tune-up call to make any adjustments, answer any questions, and discuss strategies for meeting the right people and following up effectively.

Let’s Get Started!

The first step is to set up a complimentary 30 minute call to learn more about you and your business and determine if this program is a good fit.

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Here’s what people are saying:

“When networking, I used to dread explaining my job to people. I’d be all over the place trying to explain the type of work I did and my so called ‘elevator pitch’ seemed to stop the conversation dead in the water. After spending two hours with Andrew Winig, I was able to condense my words and expertise into a clear, coherent and compelling elevator pitch that engages people and creates productive business conversations. Now, I can’t wait for people to ask me about what I do. Thank you Andy!” — Nancy Carbonaro

“I gave my new 30-Second Elevator Pitch at a networking event the other night, and two people approached me afterwards to invite me to do a presentation for their company. Thanks for your help!” — Jack LaCava

“In my 31 years in business I’ve had maybe 2 people ask a clarifying question after hearing my old elevator pitch. Since working with you I have tripled that number in less than a week.”
— Craig Cerretani

“Andy empowered me to clarify my message and brand. He helped craft 8 years of real estate experience into four sentences that get a prospect’s attention, show how easy it is to do business with me and provide a compelling call to action. Though comfortable with public speaking I struggled to deliver a clear and concise introduction of my business especially when a short window of time and attention is available. Andy resolved this challenge so that I can comfortably and naturally articulate my business without sounding or feeling like an elevator pitch. Andy has a precious gift – a genuine coaching style that is inspiring and insightful – not judgmental. He put me at ease and sparked a level of creative thinking that is so very hard to find. I have known Andy for several years and through several networking groups. His expertise helped me grow professionally and personally and I look forward to working with him on many future projects.” — Tamela Roche

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