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Get a 30-Second Elevator Pitch that Sounds Like You

30 Seconds

You only have 30 seconds to:

  • differentiate yourself
  • explain your unique selling proposition
  • describe your perfect referral
  • get people passionate about what you do

Oh yeah.

It’s also great when it’s

  • fun to say
  • easy to memorize
  • sounds like you

And just one more catch…

It can only be four sentences long.

2 Hours

I’ve honed this process with hundreds of client over six years.

How do you distill your decades of experience into just four sentences.

How do those four sentences encourage people to run up to you and give you their card.

Here’s the secret.

The process only takes an hour.

But the Elevator Pitch is only the very first step in business networking success.

So we set up a separate hour long coaching call to answer questions about following up.

Before the first call, you’ll fill out a quick (takes less than five minutes) survey.

The First Hour

Then, on the first call I ask you lots of questions.

I want to get to know you so we can develop an Elevator Pitch that’s authentically and uniquely you.

By the end of the first hour you’ll have two Elevator Pitches.

First, you’ll have a clear and concise 7-word answer to “What do you do?”

Second, you’ll have a complete 30-Second Elevator Pitch that grabs people’s attention, starts the conversation, and inspires them to action.

Yes, we take care of all of that in the first hour.


Then I ask you to go out and use your new Elevator Pitch.

Use it at your next networking group meeting, Chamber of Commerce event, in the supermarket, or at a party.

I’ll tell you the two things to pay attention to so you’ll know exactly how well your Elevator Pitch works.

Then two weeks later we have our second call.

The Second Hour

We’ll do any tuning to your Elevator Pitch, and I’ll talk you through how to choose the right events and follow up effectively.

I’ll also answer any questions you have, so gather up your toughest business networking questions so we can most effectively improve your business networking results.

Let’s Get Started!

Send me an email (just click the link at the top of your screen).


“When networking, I used to dread explaining my job to people. I’d be all over the place trying to explain the type of work I did and my so called ‘elevator pitch’ seemed to stop the conversation dead in the water. After spending two hours with Andrew Winig, I was able to condense my words and expertise into a clear, coherent and compelling elevator pitch that engages people and creates productive business conversations. Now, I can’t wait for people to ask me about what I do. Thank you Andy!” — Nancy Carbonaro

“I gave my new 30-Second Elevator Pitch at a networking event the other night, and two people approached me afterwards to invite me to do a presentation for their company. Thanks for your help!” — Jack LaCava

“In my 31 years in business I’ve had maybe 2 people ask a clarifying question after hearing my old elevator pitch. Since working with you I have tripled that number in less than a week.”
— Craig Cerretani

“Andy empowered me to clarify my message and brand. He helped craft 8 years of real estate experience into four sentences that get a prospect’s attention, show how easy it is to do business with me and provide a compelling call to action. Though comfortable with public speaking I struggled to deliver a clear and concise introduction of my business especially when a short window of time and attention is available. Andy resolved this challenge so that I can comfortably and naturally articulate my business without sounding or feeling like an elevator pitch. Andy has a precious gift – a genuine coaching style that is inspiring and insightful – not judgmental. He put me at ease and sparked a level of creative thinking that is so very hard to find. I have known Andy for several years and through several networking groups. His expertise helped me grow professionally and personally and I look forward to working with him on many future projects.” — Tamela Roche

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Send me an email (click the link at the top of your screen) to get started.