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5 Reasons to Love Working in August

Have you been lulled into thinking:

o Nobody hires in August
o Nobody makes sales in August
o Everybody is on vacation in August

You may be missing out on a huge opportunity!

Here are 5 ways to Think Like a Leader in August:

1. Celebrate Small Meeting Sizes!
We were initially bummed when only 5 of 20 people attended our Boston Business Builders ( meeting, and then we had the most productive meeting of the year. We brainstormed several key ideas that will make our organization stronger, and had the type of discussion that only works with a smaller group. It was like an impromptu board meeting. So don’t cancel August meetings. Use them for focused small-group strategic planning.

2. Jobs
A lot of people believe that nobody hires in August. This makes it easy to stand out from the crowd. As a job seeker, companies that need to hire in August will see fewer resumes, which gives you a better chance to be noticed. As a company hiring, you know that anyone looking for a job in August is motivated to find employment.

3. Sales
Sure, a lot of decision makers are not around. The decision makers that are around are doing strategic thinking (see #1) and have more time and energy to consider  cost-saving options. How could you double your sales in August?

4. Vacation
Am I suggesting not to take vacation in August. Absolutely not! August is a great time to take vacation. Almost everyone takes some vacation in August. And no one takes the entire month off. If you work when you’re not on vacation (instead of assuming that nothing ever happens in August) you can find some great opportunities.

5. <Your Reason Here>
What benefits do you see from working in August? Being a leader means thinking differently from the crowd. Add a comment to this post with your favorite part of working in August…

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