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Curtain Up!

Have you ever visited an operating room?

I was sitting in the “Daddy Chair,”

Watching a simple automatic beige door with a laser-printed sign:

“OR. Do not enter.”

So unassuming.

And yet it’s Sacred Ground.

Years of training and experience come down to 45 incredible minutes.

It reminds me of the stage door.

So unassuming.

Of course, no lives hung in the balance when I was doing live theater.

And still there’s magic behind those doors.

Years of training and months of preparation for a single event.

No room for error.

For the actor: the live performance.

For the obstetrician: the delivery.

What is it for you?

All the months and years of training

For that single event

When you deliver what you promised to your customer.

I’m a leadership trainer.

I’m at my best when a client starts their call with:

“This is perfect timing. I’m in the middle of something I need to discuss…”

Curtain Up!

This is my chance to shine, when theories, strategies and techniques face real time delegating challenges.

It’s when I really make a difference.

It’s when I’m at my best.

When are you at your best?

“It’s a girl, just as advertised.”

Technology today is amazing.

We knew what and when.

And still it’s a miracle.

In that moment your baby’s cry is still music to your ears.

I breathe just a bit easier.

Those doctors shined in the spotlight.

A virtuoso performance.

Are you ready to take the stage?

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