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December is the Best Time to Delegate

December is the best time to delegate because everyone wants to take a vacation.

And vacations are the best opportunity to delegate tasks.

Let’s face it. It’s tougher to do someone else’s work when they are standing there watching you do it.

Here are 2 ways to empower your team during December:

TIP 1: Use a laser instead of a fire hose

It’s abdicating to dump all your work into a colleague’s lap.

It’s delegating to teach a member of your team to handle one aspect of your job while you are out of town.

Tip 2: Friday instead of Monday

I had two teachers junior year in high school.

First semester all our papers were due on Monday. So I worked all weekend.

Second semester all our papers were due on Friday. So I worked all week and had the weekends off.

Which approach does your business use?

Which approach will you use this holiday season?

What will you delegate during your holiday vacation?

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