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Four Step Delegation Process

Step 1: Demonstrate

You know how to do this task.
You’ve been doing it for years.
Soon it will be your employees turn.
You get one last shot at glory.

Show your employee how to do the task, step by step.
Encourage your employee to take notes and ask questions.
Go through it several times.
Your employee wants to do this task correctly.
Better than you’ve ever done it.
That’s your goal as well.

Step 2: Work Together

Do the task side by side.
You do some of the work.
Your employee does some of the work.
Don’t be too quick to answer questions.
Encourage your employee to try things.
Make mistakes.
That is the best way to learn.

 Step 3: Switch Roles

Your employee teaches you how to do the task.
Be open minded.
Ask questions.
Seek clarification.
You might learn something.

 Step 4: Letting Go

Now it’s your employee’s job.
Your employee’s responsibility.
Your employee will do things differently.
This is good.
It’s probably better.
That’s why you hired this employee in the first place.
Congratulate your employee on a job well done.
Appreciate your employee’s outstanding work.

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