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How Many Hours in Your Day?

Working alone is like swimming through molasses.

Once you experience the productivity of a great team

It’s impossible to go back.

You get used to the faster speed of accomplishment

I figured this out programming computers

My first project was too big to do by myself

I needed help. I developed a team. I made mistakes.

I became better at delegating software development

Than developing software myself

That takes a chunk out of your ego.

Until you notice the smiles and excitement

Of the members of your team

So I became an entrepreneur:

I own two businesses

I am a salesman

I am a keynote speaker and leadership coach

I am co-director of a teenage leadership program

I am a Rotarian

I belong to three networking groups

I play softball

I play basketball

I have a new wife and a newer baby

A friend jokes:

“How many hours are in your day?”

It’s no joke.

It’s teamwork.

It’s delegating.

It’s making a difference

People depend on my sales and management abilities to support their families.

I depend on them to support mine.

I empower them

I will not let them down.

It took me a lot of years to figure out teamwork.

It’s not taught in our schools.

You can still learn it.

With great teams you create

More profits

More of an impact

More time with your family

More control over your days

How many hours are in your day?

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