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The Fuel Gauge

Suppose I am driving from Boston to LA.

I hop on the Pike.
I drive through Worcester and Springfield.
I enter New York and cruise past Albany.
I see a light on my dashboard as I approach Syracuse.
Low Fuel.
Do I junk this car that has failed me?
Do I figure I’ll have to walk the rest of the way to LA?
Or do I put some more gas in the car…
When an employee fails to complete an assignment:
Do you fire the employee for failing you?
Decide that you are better off doing the work yourself?
Or do you:
1. Identify the reason the work did not get done
2. Choose an appropriate Collective Engineering™ Strategy
3. Apply that strategy to move the process forward
I recently worked with a client who had hired a new admin. The admin could do a particular piece of work if my client was there, and if he was not there, the work did not get done.
He’s well trained in Collective Engineering™ now, so he didn’t get mad and he didn’t give up. He realized that this admin was fine once she got into the process. She was stuck getting started. So for two weeks he showed up every other day and helped her get started.
Now he stops by every other week, and the task has always been done perfectly.
What training does your employee need?
Collective Engineering™ Strategy: The Fuel Gauge


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