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It’s About Time

Have you ever forgotten something at the supermarket?

Did you ever hit redial because you forgot to mention…?

My office is 20 minutes from my house.

And I am only there once a week (I delegate the rest)

So if I forget to

     sign a contract

     write the bonus checks, or

     pick up more business cards

It costs me an hour.

Back and forth.

I used to spend a full day every year going back for something I forgot.

Now I never forget.


In my iPod Touch I have a list:

Fish Office

Anything I need to do in Arlington goes on that list.

And here’s the most important discipline:

Before I leave the office

I check my list

Twice. (thanks Santa!)

Otherwise I would forget.

Checking that list saves me hours.

Hours I can spend with my wife and daughters.

I have a list for the supermarket, the CVS, and questions for my doctor.

Stuff I gotta remember not to forget.

I joke with my teams.

If you didn’t see me put it on a list, I won’t do it.

Except that it’s not a joke.

It’s accountability.

For them and for me.

I never forget.

Your time is too important to leave to chance!

What did you forget today?

What list will help you remember?

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