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Leaders: 3 Reasons your Prospect isn’t Returning your Calls

My webinar platform sales rep is on the phone.

He’s offering more functionality at a
reduced monthly cost.

Too good to be true?


It’s a no-brainer upgrade to show off new functionality for their best customers.

(You do offer outrageous incentives for current customers, right?)

I assure him I’ll upgrade that day.

He sends me an electronic link to upgrade my account.

And I stopped returning his calls.

Continue reading to find out:

  • Why I stopped returning his calls
  • How he saved the sale
  • What can you learn from it

Why I Stopped Returning His Calls

This story is a real account of a recent sales experience.

I share it so you can follow up with confidence…

especially when your prospect stops returning your calls

My salesman’s offer was legitimate (i.e. not a scam).

In fact, I’m enjoying the new features right now.

It’s minimum risk.

Saves me money.

I wanted to sign up.

So why did I stop returning his calls?


The electronic invoice did not mention my new features.

Or the name of the product he said he was selling me.

It sounded like a downgrade.

At the time I had a lot of webinars scheduled over the next couple of weeks.

So while I had been ready to upgrade,

Suddenly it seemed risky and I was too busy.

So I ignored his follow up calls.

How Scott Saved the Sale

In a word: Persistence.

He extended my deadline without talking to me.

He left me messages every few days.

Polite and persistent.

Finally, my schedule eased.

I did want to save $20 per month.

I did want the new functionality.

So I called him back.

He addressed my concerns.

I signed up within the hour.

I’m delighted with my purchase.

Here are the 3 tips:

1. Make sure what you tell the prospect matches the invoice!

I was buying GoToMeeting Corporate.

At least that’s what Scott said.

It didn’t say it on my contract.

Needlessly added two-and-a-half weeks to his sales cycle.

What small details are scaring off your prospects?

2. Follow Up & Learn

Scott kept calling me.

I wasn’t annoyed he was calling.

In fact, I was glad he was following up.

I wanted to save $20 a month.

I wanted the features he had promised me.

I told him exactly what had scared me off (see #1)

Has he fixed it? or is he still making lots of follow up calls?

Are you aware of the root cause of your need to follow up?

3. Scare off the Competition

I took a call from Scott’s competition two days later.

I intended to explore other options.

Instead I told the competition that I was very happy with my current provider.

I am.

They gave me a reduced cost upgrade.

The new price is cheaper than the competition.

How did you WOW! your best customers this week?

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