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Tough Deadline?

Imagine a team where the deadline is now.
Not five minutes from now.
Not five seconds from now.
It is your turn
     to come up with an idea
          that moves the project forward
Say it out loud so everyone can hear.
It sounds impossible.
It sounds crazy.
Yet people thrive in this sort of environment every day.
People actually not so different from you.
Except that they have been trained
     to work as a team
          to deliver creative results
               under the most extreme time pressure: NOW!
You can learn to be more creative.
You can learn to develop a supportive team.
The deadline is now.
The spotlight is on.
What would you say?
Once you master creativity under intense time pressure,
Wouldn’t work be less stressful and more rewarding,
And wouldn’t you be much better at it?
Don’t believe it’s possible?

Teams like this exist all across the country.

Seen one in action?

Post a comment to share an example of an incredible team that is highly creative under intense time pressure…

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