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Ready, Set, Delegate


It’s time to:

  • Create more hours in your day.
  • Control your schedule
  • Take stress-free vacations.

And it all starts with delegating effectively.

Have you ever assigned work to someone that didn’t get done?

Of course you have.

We all have.

So you’re painfully aware of one reason for the illusion that delegating is hard.

There’s a stronger reason.

Having to do with our schools.

You see, in our schools today, there is a special word we use when we talk about teamwork.

From the moment we enter elementary school, straight on through high school, and well into college,

This idea gets drummed into our heads every time the concept of teamwork comes up.

We call teamwork cheating.

It’s cheating.

If they catch you working together on tests or problem sets or exams,

You get in trouble, and they

Throw you out.

So it’s no wonder that when people get out into the world,

And assign work to be done,

And the work comes back not done,

The typical response is to throw our hands in the air and say

“Delegating is hard”

“You can’t trust people”

“It’s just easier to do the work myself”

We don’t blame you.

After all, that’s what we’ve all been taught since elementary school.

That you have to do all the work yourself.

There is a better way.

Collective Engineering

It’s literally the process for developing great teams.

I was working with a client recently,

Who didn’t admit to me until after we were well into the process, T

hat initially he hated teams.

He found it burdensome,

He was annoyed to have to interact with people,

And he ended up having to do the work himself anyway.

Now that he has mastered some of these techniques,

He loves teams.

Things get done faster.

There are more and better ideas.

And he doesn’t have to do all the work himself.

So Collective Engineering is literally the process for developing great teams.

Collective: meaning of the group

Engineering: meaning the process of putting knowledge to practical use.

You see, the thing that probably no one has ever taken the time to fully teach you is that

Delegating is a process, and

The first step in that process is the work not getting done.

Once you know that,

Collective Engineering is the set of strategies to apply next,

To move the process forward,

Developing trust and communication so that

Work Gets Done even when you are not there.

In this fast-paced interactive session you’ll learn 3 powerful Collective Engineering Techniques you can apply immediately to create more hours in your day, control your schedule, and finally take that stress free vacation.

Have questions about how to delegate better?

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