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Effective Virtual Networking

How to Connect with People in Breakout Rooms

There are many challenges to networking in a virtual environment.

Not the least of which – how to connect with people in breakout rooms.

It sure feels different on Zoom than it does in person.

Should you be looking at your screen, or at the camera?

What’s the best way to participate without being pushy or sidelined in breakout rooms of 2, 3, 4, or even more people?

Do you need a virtual background?

To mute, or not to mute?

Is “Zoom-bombing” still a risk?

In this 75-minute coaching session we’ll answer all those questions for you.

In the first Zoom session, we’ll spend 60 minutes doing a virtual networking scorecard.

I’ll give you feedback on your posture, your volume, your eyes, your professionalism, your background.

Most people are doing a better job than they think they are – usually a few minor tweaks lead to a big jump in confidence and energy.

Then we’ll work on conversations.

We’ll cover good icebreakers and conversation starters.

We’ll practice minimizing awkward pauses.

We’ll practice asking good questions, and answering questions without rambling.

The program includes a second 15 minute Zoom call about two weeks later.

It’s for asking questions and tuning your approach.

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Effective Virtual Networking

  • 75-minute private Zoom coaching on connecting with people in breakout rooms.