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Elevator Pitch

Let’s talk about the Elevator Pitch for a minute.

The 30-second elevator pitch gets its name from this idea that you find yourself in an elevator with a top prospect and you have 30 seconds in between floors to state your case.

Please do me a favor.

If you ever find yourself in an elevator.

Next to a top prospect.

Please do not unleash your 30-Second Elevator Pitch.

Here’s why.

Your Elevator Pitch is for starting conversations.

Formal Elevator Pitch

Your Formal (30-Second) Elevator Pitch is the best way to start conversations when you are introducing yourself to a room full of people.

You know the type of situation I mean. Everyone in the room gets 30 – 40 seconds to stand up and introduce themselves.

And until you have mastered the 3 Elements of an Effective Elevator Pitch

The best use of your 30 seconds is to

Talk about a recent client success.


Because that way other people in the room can bring you leads that are most like your best customers.

Are you ready for more leads that are most like your best customers?

Then check out these examples of using a client success story in your 30-Second Elevator Pitch.

Caution: Only use this approach when you introduce yourself to a room full of people.

Conversational Elevator Pitch

Because one-on-one, a rehearsed 30 second speech is awkward at best.

That’s when you use your Conversational Pitch.

Happy Networking!