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3 Big Giant Elevator Pitch Mistakes

My toddler glimpses her Valentine’s Day present and gleefully shouts: “Big Giant Bear!”

Two and a half is a great age.

She expresses complex concepts with simple words.

Anything bigger than her is “big giant.”

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch…

Here are 3 “Big Giant” Elevator Pitch Mistakes:

Mistake #1: “Hi my name is …”

Your name is the most important word to you.

Not to your prospects.


1. Start with a question:

“Did you know that most people spend more time researching a car to buy than choosing the Realtor who will help them buy or sell their home?”

2. Start with a clear statement of benefit:

“I help your friends get finance jobs.”

3. Start with an intriguing metaphor:

“I help you test drive your new home before you buy it.”

How do you start your Elevator Pitch?

Mistake #2: Rambling

An effective elevator pitch is four sentences long.

That is the attention span of a prospect.

If they want more information they will ask a question.

If they do not ask a question:

1. You need a more engaging elevator pitch, or
2. That person is not a good prospect right now.

How long is your Elevator Pitch?

Mistake #3: Winging It

An effective 30-second elevator pitch

engages your prospect
demonstrates how easy it is to do business with you
and calls them to action

In less than 30 seconds.

That seems like a lot to leave to chance.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

How do you rehearse your Elevator Pitch?

What’s the biggest Elevator Pitch Mistake you’ve seen?

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