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3 (conflicting) stories

I get three different stories about the inspector who’s coming to my house Tuesday morning.

Story #1 is in a very specific and well crafted letter from my contractor.

Story #2 is directly from the office when I call to confirm the information in the letter.

Story #3 I get from the gas guy who works on my house Monday morning.

All of these stories include individual details that would turn out to be true.

No story turns out to be fully true, and – more importantly – none contains the only piece of information that really matters to me.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because they generate a lot of confusion for me (and work for themselves) by telling inconsistent stories that don’t address my most basic question:

“Do I need to be home for the inspection?”

Everyone tells me I need to be home.

It’s very explicit on the instruction sheet, and from the office and the technician.

So I rearrange my schedule.

Only to discover Tuesday morning, from the same people I had talked to Monday, that all the work had been outside and I did not, in fact, need to be home.

I merrily go untethered about my day, but it gets me wondering:

Does your written material match your client’s experience and expectations?

Theirs was very explicit and yet very wrong.

Is everyone on your team trained to tell a consistent story?

They weren’t and it generated a lot of phone calls and confusion for all of us.

Do you have a procedure in place to notice when details change and update your stories?

They clearly don’t.

Do you?


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