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3 Elements of an Effective Elevator Pitch

After last year’s Elevator Pitch Workshop, people who missed the program kept emailing me asking “How’s it going?” I could tell they were curious.

“Is it really possible to develop a 30-Second Elevator Pitch that attracts quality leads?”

The answer is: “YES!”

Which is why tweets like this are so frustrating:

this is, like, the worst advice ever...
Let’s clear this up right now: It should only take 2 to 3 weeks to get results from your Elevator Pitch.

And many times it happens immediately:

Now that's an Elevator Pitch...

“I gave my new 30-Second Elevator Pitch at a networking event the other night, and two people approached me afterwards to invite me to do a presentation for their company. Thanks for your help!”

Jack LaCava

So what’s the secret?

Well, it’s really no secret.

You already know the answer to the question that instantly differentiates you from any current or future competitor.

The thing is, it’s so obvious, that you dismiss it without even considering it.

But everyone I work with, when I ask them this question, their face lights up.

They immediately know what they want to talk about and why they’re excited to talk about it.

Of course, there is a catch.

You can’t just blurt out that answer.

I mean, that would be awkward.

So here’s how to put together an effective 30-Second Elevator Pitch:

1. Grab Their Attention

Let’s face it, people aren’t really paying attention.

Especially when person after person stands up to give an unremarkable Elevator Pitch.

So the first step is to let them know that something noteworthy is coming.

If they’re not paying attention, then it doesn’t matter what you say

2. Attract More Projects like your Best Projects

What makes you unique?

Well, think about this for a moment.

No one else has ever worked with your client the way you do.

Even though many people are leadership trainers, you may specialize in two day retreats, while someone else works with first time managers, someone else is good with delegating, and another person works with kids.

So the work you do – the clients you made happy, the projects you delivered, the risks you took that paid off – that’s all very uniquely you.

And the more specific you are about it, the easier it is for people to introduce you to more projects like your best projects.

3. Strengthen the Relationship

The best Elevator Pitch merely starts a conversation.

The goal is to get to know people, to develop trust.

And that happens over time.

So you’ll need further interactions.

When your Elevator Pitch suggests a next step, the right people will follow up with you.

There you have it.

Put those three things together and you have a coherent Elevator Pitch that’s fun to say, easy to memorize, and inspires the right people to call you.

Here’s how it works

Just one more thing.

It’s such a relief to finish your Elevator Pitch.


When people get what you do, it opens up worlds of new opportunities that you never knew existed.

But where do you start?

Because that’s where most people struggle.

What should you talk about?

I am happy to announce that I’ve taken the guesswork out of it.

For the past six years I’ve been using a proven step-by-step process with all my coaching clients.

And now I’m making that process available to everyone.

It takes about 90 minutes, and you can ask questions and post your progress on the private discussion boards.

Ready for an Elevator Pitch that actually attracts leads.

Click here to finally finish (and be proud of) your Elevator Pitch

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