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3 Signs Your Elevator Pitch Works

Recognizing the voice of my most abrasive prospect I somehow resist the urge to hang up.

Six months ago he screamed at me:

“There is no way in #$#$%^ I would ever use your $%#$%#$ service.”

That’s a direct quote.

Seared into my memory.

Though now he’s calling me.

To sign up for window cleaning.

You just never know.

Sometimes your Elevator Pitch is working when you least expect it.

It takes time for even the best Elevator Pitch to produce results.

How do you know you’re on the right track?

Here are 3 ways to know your Elevator Pitch works:

1. “How do you do that?”

This is a sign that your Elevator Pitch works face-to-face.

An effective Elevator Pitch starts a conversation.

This is the most productive start to a business conversation.

It encourages you to talk about how you achieve such amazing results.

What can you say about your business that so compellingly unbelievable that prospects wonder:

How do you do that?

2. “I was thinking about you”

This is a sign that your Elevator Pitch works over time.

Prospects think of you when they notice a need for your service.

It’s the strongest type of referral.

Because timing is everything.

When is the perfect time for a prospect to contact you?

3. It’s You!

This is a sign that you will eagerly share your Elevator Pitch with anyone, anytime.

Your Elevator Pitch only works if you use it.

You want to be comfortable and confident with your Elevator Pitch.

Here’s how:

Instead of whatever you’re using for an Elevator Pitch,

Share the story of how you wowed your best customer.

Differentiate yourself and let your passion shine in a story that highlights you at your best.

It’s fun to talk about.

It gives prospects a compelling sense of you.

That starts conversations.

Is your Elevator Pitch you?

Happy Networking!

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