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3 Ways LinkedIn Profiles Engage Prospects

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Clock metaphors were the earliest casualty of the digital age.

Centuries of wisdom stunned into meaninglessness by glowing LEDs.

Before digital you could stumble onto truth even if you were standing still.

Not anymore!

A digital clock doesn’t stall in a useful state.

It goes blank.


Like trying to explain “clockwise” to a digital generation.

But the digital age represents a much bigger threat to your Elevator Pitch.

In-person networking is like the analog clock.

You stumble into opportunities.

Whether or not you know what you’re doing.

Face to face you can recover from a clumsy start.

And people do.

All the time.

Not online.

When prospects come looking for you online,

If you don’t grab their attention,

And start the conversation,

They are gone forever.

No second chances.

That’s a lot of missed opportunities.

I had read all the experts.

I thought I was doing all the right things.

I had posted a professional photo, a great business description, and insightful answers to relevant questions.

No leads.



Like the digital clock.

Online you won’t stumble into leads.

You have to be thoughtful and intentional about engaging your prospects.

Here are 3 Ways to Engage Prospects with your LinkedIn Profile:

1. Attract Prospects instead of Salespeople

Salespeople search LinkedIn for titles.

If your title is CEO, Vice President, or Director,

They’ll find you.

And waste precious time you could spend with your prospects instead.

Your prospects search for solutions, not titles.

Change your title to attract prospects instead of salespeople.

  • Director of Trauma and Bone Healing Technologies
  • The Good Guys in the Collection Industry
  • Test Driver of New Homes
  • … For more ideas, join our discussion at Stand Out in a Crowd …

Does your title attract prospects or salespeople?

2. Be Engaging

There are only two ways to start an in-person conversation: Ask a question or tell a story.

Online there’s only one.

Tell a story.

About a specific client.

A short, engaging story of how you helped that client.

Not sure where to start? Play Elevator Pitch MadLibs for ideas and examples customized just for you.

3. Continue the Conversation

There is only one reason prospects aren’t contacting you.

You’re not asking them to.

Once you grab their attention with your title.

And start the conversation with a compelling client example.

You want to continue the conversation with a specific next step.

Don’t leave it to chance!

Suggest they contact you for a reason that’s compelling to them:

  • 7 Biggest Mistakes White Paper
  • Best Practices Email Newsletter
  • No-obligation 20-minute consultation

Include a link to your website in your LinkedIn Profile Summary.

They will trade you their contact information for perceived value.

If you don’t suggest a specific next step,

They’ll take one.

Just not the one you want.

They’ll click away from your profile.

Never to be seen again.

Give them a compelling reason to engage further.

Continue the Conversation.

How do you continue the conversation?

Want to see these 3 tips in action? Check out my LinkedIn Profile.

Happy Networking!

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