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You Already Know the Answer

To the question that
Instantly differentiates you.
The challenge is how to use that answer
To inspire your prospects to call you
No matter what question you’re asked.
This fast-paced webinar keeps you on your toes with real-world examples, engaging exercises, and a simpler, more effective approach to your Elevator Pitch.

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It turns out that you already know the answer to the question that instantly differentiates you. We’ll show you how to use that answer no matter what question you’re asked.

You’ll learn that the only reason prospects aren’t calling you is that you’re missing this one key element from your Elevator Pitch. We’ll show you how (and where) to add it.

Let’s face it: Your carefully rehearsed Elevator Pitch stops more conversations than it starts.

You know it does. You know the moment your prospect’s eyes glaze over.

It’s especially frustrating because you love what you do, you’re just not sure how to describe it so it’s engaging to your prospects.

The reason: You’ve developed a 30-Second Elevator Pitch, and no one has ever taken the time to fully explain to you that in 95% of business networking situations a 30-Second Elevator Pitch actually scares prospects away.

Join us to learn the simple change you can make that grabs their attention instead.

We look forward to working with you.

Elevator Pitch CPR!
Thu Nov 8
2pm EST
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You’ll learn to:

  • Instantly differentiate yourself from any current or future competitor
  • Inspire prospects to call you when they are ready to buy
  • Grab your prospect’s attention in a way that starts productive business conversations

We look forward to working with you.

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