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7 Biggest Elevator Pitch Distractions

It’s 8:03 pm and my 2-year-old daughter is happily filling a cup with ice.

It’s a distraction.

10 seconds ago she was hysterically screaming “no” as she put on her pajamas.

Now she’s making milk with ice.

Her favorite.

Sometimes distraction works better than comfort.

Unless you’re talking about prospects.

They are already distracted (see A Trail of Cheerios).

You want them focused on your message.

Yet many Elevator Pitches contain unintentional distractions.

Here are the 7 Biggest Elevator Pitch Distractions:

7. Your Profession

Lawyers, Accountants, Financial Planners, Realtors®, … all face the same challenge.

Your prospects meet so many of you.

They assume they know what you do.

And they assume that they aren’t interested.

Once they hear your profession, they tune you out.

That’s a tough way to start any conversation.

Here’s a different approach.

Do your prospects tune you out the instant you start talking?

6. “And”

When you say “and” it sounds like you’re desperate.

I can do this, and this, and this, and this, …

Your laundry list of offerings won’t grab your prospect’s attention.

One thing will grab their attention.

One thing.

So pick one thing that inspires them to ask a question.

Their question reveals what actually matters to them.

Talk about that instead of you laundry list.

What’s the best question a prospect has asked you?

5. Your Name

It’s easy and comfortable to start with your name.

It’s also backwards.

They don’t yet know why they would contact you.

So they won’t remember your name.

Instead of starting with your name, mention it at the end of your Elevator Pitch.

When they are eager to learn more.

Focus on why to contact you rather than how.

4. # of Years in Business

This information belongs in your sales pitch.

Not your Elevator Pitch.

Because prospects won’t contact you because you’re a fourth generation business.

They will contact you because they want your solution or expertise.

Your longevity will help them choose you over your competition.

Which elements of your Elevator Pitch should really be in your sales pitch?

3. Following the Crowd

It’s so tempting to make your Elevator Pitch sound like everyone else’s.

That way you won’t be embarrassed.

You’ll blend in.

You also won’t stand out.

And you won’t grab your prospect’s attention.

How do you change your Elevator Pitch to conform to peer pressure?

2. Say too Little

Your Elevator Pitch is no place to be coy.

Your prospects will approach you to find out how you achieve incredible results.

Not to figure out what you do.

Be clear and specific about your results.

What results do you communicate in your Elevator Pitch?

1. Say too Much

You can always spot the people who wing-it.

They think of something else they want to mention.

Then something else.

Then something else.

Rambling indicates lack of preparation.

Not the best impression from your Elevator Pitch.

What message do prospects take from your Elevator Pitch?


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