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7 Compelling Calls to Action

I do my best to hide my panic, not aware that the next 2 minutes in front of my volunteer team will produce such dramatic results.

In two weeks we’re holding a barbecue for 40 people.

And my barbecue sponsor just backed out.

So I stand in front of the team prepared to beg for a grill and hot dogs.

I have barely started talking when the guy at my right elbow raises his hand to volunteer.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I exaggerate to get a point across.

This is not one of those times.

Sitting at my right elbow is Patrick Monkiewicz.

Of Kayem Foods.

In Chelsea.

Have you ever had a hot dog at Fenway Park while watching the Red Sox?

Kayem makes Fenway Franks.

Patrick donated the best barbecue we’ve ever had.

And it got me thinking about your Call to Action.

Here are 7 ways to inspire your prospects to action:

1. Add them to your email newsletter

Send a _______ Tips Email Newsletter to touch base with prospects and customers on a regular basis.

“Would you be interested in getting my monthly (Elevator Pitch, Home Improvement, Leadership, Hurricane Preparedness) Tips Email Newsletter?”

It’s low risk for someone to give you their email address.

As long as they opt-in and your emails are value-first, it can be the start of a long and mutually profitable relationship.

2. Mail them a “7 Biggest Mistakes” White Paper

Spend a few hours writing about the 7 Biggest Mistakes you see in your industry.

Here’s mine: 7 Biggest Elevator Pitch Mistakes

“Would you be interested in our free white paper on the 7 biggest mistakes people make when (buying a home, investing their money, business networking, …)?”

Since this is more of a one-shot approach, it’s most effective when you already have a follow-up sales process in place.

3. Schedule a free 20 minute consultation

Offer a free consultation in your area of expertise.

It’s a great way of starting conversations with potential customers.

Email me if you want details of the specific approach I use that gets over 80% of people to request this option.

4. Invite them to a free webinar

“Would you be interested in attending our free webinar for (technology startups, real-estate professionals, general contractors)?”

People expect there to be a pitch in a free webinar.

If you provide valuable content first (before the pitch) you’ll make an outstanding impression.

5. Set up a 1-on-1

“It sounds like there might be ways for us to help each other grow our businesses. Would you be interested in setting up a 1-on-1 next week?”

A 1-on-1 is the least understood and most effective business networking technique.

It’s not a sales call and it’s not with a prospect.

It’s to start a conversation with someone who may know your prospects.

Here are 3 Video Tips for Effective 1-on-1’s

6. Mention a job opening in your firm

When someone asks you how things are going, you should automatically answer:

“Things are great. In fact, we are growing so fast that we are looking for (a new admin, new salespeople, 5-10 person law firms, …)”

I have filled more positions in my companies with great people by letting everyone know that I’m hiring.

People are always eager to help their friends find jobs.

7. What do you need help with?

Whether you are looking for prospects, new hires, a contractor, a coach, …

Let people know.

The more specific you are with your request,

The more your contacts can help you.

How effectively do you ask for help?

2 comments on “7 Compelling Calls to Action

  1. What a fabulous set of recommendations! I’ll put them to good use immediately, particularly since I’m redesigning my website (Brave New Web) and am looking for good calls to action.

    1. Hi Margy,

      I appreciate your feedback! In general, as long as people can see the value, they will do what you ask them to do. Especially if you ask them to do nothing. Your phone’s not ringing (or email’s not dinging) ’cause your Call to Action’s not causing reactions.

      Your website is a great place for a specific Call to Action. I was concerned that no one was signing up for my Elevator Pitch Tips Email Newsletter from my website. Then my web developer ( made an awesome design change to my home page ( Check it out. It’s a pretty clear call to action. And it works.

      My most effective verbal Call to Action is that “a great referral for me is a business association or networking group that hires keynote speakers.” I get lots of leads every time I say it, so I say it every chance I get.

      Anyone else want to share their Call to Action?

      Happy Networking!

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