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A Bite-Sized Elevator Pitch

When it comes to chocolate, my nieces and I have a different definition of bite-sized.

There’s a stunned silence as I absent-mindedly pop a whole brownie into my mouth.

Like I said, bite-sized.

They bet I can’t do it again.

But I can.

And do.

Then they bet I can’t eat two at once.

I prove that’s still not a challenge.


And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because so many people offer so much more than anyone else can chew.

It’s impossible to hold three or four messages into our mind at once.

So pick one message.

Something bite-sized.

Easy to understand.

The first step in the conversation.

When they enjoy the first bite, they’ll come back for more.

But see, if you offer it all at the start, they get stuffed and can’t take any more.

You have to whet their appetite.

Inspire them to want to learn more.

It’s tempting to want to tell someone everything all in one shot.

But that’s not the way people learn.

That’s not the way people connect.

That’s not the way people develop trust.

Your Elevator Pitch is for starting conversations.

Not for providing a three-course meal.

Think bite-sized.

Three brownies I can eat all at once.

Four is too many.

So the game ends.

But you want to keep the conversation going.

Think bite-sized.


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