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A Blast of Cold Air

It’s a week of hauling stuff around, so I wave goodbye to my kids as they head off to school in my shiny blue CX-9, then remove all the seats from their cavernous gray Town and Country, start the ignition, and surprise my face with a blast of cold air.

I had forgotten what life was like in the good old days.

You know,

Before cars knew

That they hadn’t warmed up yet.

It was a high stakes guessing game.

Turn on the “heat” too early

And it only makes you colder.

Wait too long, and


You miss out on precious minutes of warmth.

Today’s cars are different.

The blowers start


Just as the car warms up.



And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because so many Elevator Pitches

Land on prospects

Like a blast of cold air.

Uncomfortable and


Which is a sure sign

That you’re selling

Instead of networking.

A great Elevator Pitch

Lays the groundwork for

Future leads

With the very people

Who are receptive to

Your message.


Warm leads.

People will come to you

At the right time for them.

Assuming today is that right day,


That’s like a blast of cold air.

It’s been a long enough winter already.

So at your next networking event

Forget about selling, already.

Get to know some people.

The sales will come later.


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