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A Class Act

The thank you email could have been meant for anyone, yet it forever changes my attitude and approach to effective follow up.

See, as a Fish Window Cleaning franchisee

I frequently talk with prospective franchisees.

Because after they read the shiny brochure.

And talk to corporate.

They want to get the real story

From actual franchise owners.

It’s like a reference check on the franchise system.

I’ve taken several of these calls per month.

For the last 10 years.

And this is the first thank you email I have received.

Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure that I

Never sent a thank you

To the people who talked to me when I was considering Fish Window Cleaning as a business opportunity.


And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because the best Elevator Pitch

Is only as good

As your follow up.

I’ll say that again.

Any work you do on improving your Elevator Pitch

Is wasted

If you don’t follow up effectively.

So, here are 3 follow up techniques inspired by a Thank You Email.

1. Customized

The email from this prospective franchisee isn’t customized.

I mean, aside from my name at the top

The content of the email applies to any Fish Window Cleaning franchisee.


In this case

I spent over an hour with this guy

On a Tuesday night

Of Thanksgiving week.

Don’t get me wrong.

I was happy to do it.

Not expecting anything in return.

And still touched to receive the thank you.

I’ll be looking for that guy at the next convention

And that’s what you want from your Elevator Pitch.

For people to be looking for you.

And the most effective approach

Isn’t to customize your Elevator Pitch for each prospect.

It’s to use an Elevator Pitch that resonates with the right prospects.

Which prospects resonate with your Elevator Pitch?

2. Unexpected

Of course,

It’s part of the process

Part of this franchise validation process

To send a thank you to franchisees for their time.

Yet, as with most things

No one does.


One did.

In ten years.

And that makes him stand out.

He stands out because no one else does it.

It’s the same with business networking.

No one follows up.

Even though they know they’re supposed to.

Want to follow up more effectively?

Watch our video on effective follow up techniques.

How many 1-on-1’s did you set up from your last networking event?

 3. Both Ways

It occurs to me

That “thank you” is a two-way street.

Prospective franchisees thank me for my time.


Though doesn’t it make just as much sense to thank them for theirs?

After all, new franchisees are good for our business system.

We appreciate them taking the time to consider us.

How many prospective franchisees do you think get thank you notes from the franchise system?

That would be unexpected.

A Class Act.

Who are you sending a thank you to today?

Happy Networking!

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