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A Day to Celebrate

Ready to change your game?

“That was more fun than running drills,” my 12-year-old daughter tells me.

After several years of tennis lessons, our coach starts our usual drills, then abruptly stops us.

“Let’s play a real game.”

I don’t know what he saw that day, but suddenly we’re ready.

We serve and hit and volley.

I win some points.

She wins some points. 

We string those points together into actual games.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because the transformation can be subtle.

A conversation here.

A potential client there.

A slew of interesting 1-to-1’s that don’t seem to lead anywhere.

Then, out of the blue, a call with an amazing collaboration.

Like the Modern Marketing Mastermind.

Or the Pitch-a-Palooza.

Keep developing your skills.

And celebrate the small wins along the way to your larger goals.

We don’t get to play real games at every lesson.

And you won’t get a life-changing client out of every 1:1.

But when you do – that’s what makes all the legwork so worthwhile.

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