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A Non-Technical, Non-Boring Elevator Pitch

This is a live Coaching Session with a client who wanted an non-boring, non-technical Elevator Pitch.

Here are the highlights of how we got him from a generic Elevator Pitch to a personalized, authentic engaging way to introduce himself.

Step 1:
0:01 “I work with companies to increase their profits
0:06 Everyone does that, so it’s not differentiating (or interesting)

Step 2:
0:18 The most important question he should ask himself
0:54 Why he still needs to be more specific
1:34 Too specific?
1:53 What to do if you cover many industries
2:36 What’s more mainstream than gas furnaces?

Step 3:
2:47 Can I just say

That’s when he just blurts out his new Elevator Pitch!

Here’s our step-by-step guide to creating your own personalized, authentic, and engaging elevator pitch

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