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A Short and Specific Elevator Pitch That Got An Instant Lead

Let’s take a look at how this accountant got an instant lead from her new Elevator Pitch
  1. She attended my 20 minute “Answering What Do You Do” presentation
  2. She’s amazed that a) she got an instant lead from her new elevator pitch, and b) no one else at the event had any idea how to introduce themselves

Take a look at the highlighted sections in the email below.

Everyone else rushed through as much as they could say in 15 seconds, and “no one had a clue to what they said

But she knew exactly what to say.

So she slowed down, gave a short and specific Elevator Pitch, and got an instant lead!

Keep reading below to see how you can do it too!

You see, people are not sitting around having a beer with their buddies saying “I really need to get myself an accountant.”

Sorry. They’re not.

That’s just not the way real people talk.

Click here to watch a free 3 min video on what people are really saying to each other, and how to turn that into an attention-grabbing Elevator Pitch.

Want your very own short and specific Elevator Pitch?


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