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ABC’s of the Elevator Pitch

First, grab their attention!

Here’s an example: Look around the room the next time you stand up to give your 30-Second Elevator Pitch.

Instead of looking at you, people are

…on their phones

…staring out the window

…chatting with their neighbor

…thinking about dinner

So how do you grab their attention?

You have to talk about them.

“But Andy, how can I talk about them if I haven’t met them yet?!?!?!”

Great question!

We’ll do that, then we’ll take it even one step further.

So you’ll start your 30-Second Elevator Pitch by asking a question that makes them think about themselves and answer in terms of you.

‘A’ stands for Attention.

Once you grab their attention, it’s time to deliver your message.

The right message.

The message that begins a productive conversation.

It turns out that you already know the answer that instantly differentiates you from any current or future competitor.

So you’ll come up with a recent success, and we’ll show you how to say it in two sentences.

You can’t start a conversation if you’re doing all the talking!

So you’ll come up with a clear and concise example that’s unique and memorable.

‘B’ stands for Begin the Conversation.

Then, you want your message, the right message, to travel to all the corners of your business network. That’s what’s going to inspire the right people to call you at the right time for them.

So you’ll develop a Call to Action that makes people eager to hear from you again.

‘C’ stand for Call to Action.

It takes just 90 minutes to develop your own, personalized, 30-Second Elevator Pitch that grabs their attention, begins the conversation, and calls them to action.

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