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I throw out 3 gallons of milk, 10 pounds of beef, 2 gallons of ice cream, all our leftovers, and that’s not even the most expensive part of losing power for 27 hours.

Tuesday at 8pm we lose power as a result of the transformer fire in the Back Bay.

So does our daycare center.

Wednesday they put our children in a backup daycare center.

Wednesday at 11pm our power comes back on.

Our daycare centers are not so lucky.

Thursday morning at 7:20am we learn that primary and backup daycare centers are without power.

No daycare.


Thursday was more expensive than being without power.

Two kids home for the day after the crisis.

Juggling schedules with no notice.


And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because you can’t measure the final results from your Elevator Pitch until later.

Much later.

You can’t measure your results that evening.

Or the next morning.

Or even at the end of the week or month.

You have to wait for the aftermath.

Wait for it…

Here are 3 ways to improve your Elevator Pitch aftermath.

1. Leads

When you present your 30-Second Elevator Pitch to 30 people.

You expect 3-5 leads.

I.e. “Here’s someone who needs your services.”

Or “I’d like to set up some time to hear more.”

Your Power Question, Compelling Example, and Call to Action all have to work together.

To generate leads.

Here are some examples.

How many leads do you get each time you use your Elevator Pitch?

2. 1-on-1’s

In the two weeks after a networking event you expect to attend three one-on-one’s.

A one-on-one is the least understood and most effective business networking technique.

Get to know the other person.

Let them get to know you.

You want them to think of you when they encounter a perfect prospect for you.

And you’ll do the same for them.

Might be next week, month, or  year.

It has to start somewhere.

The relationship starts with the one-on-one.

A big first step.

How many one-on-one’s did you have last week?

3. Sales


I’ll admit it.

The ultimate goal of business networking is sales.

That just can’t be your goal.

I’m moving next month.

And the guy I’ve known for eight years is handling my move.

He hasn’t been holding his breath waiting for my business.

And he’s happy to take excellent care of me.

But here’s the thing.

I never considered using anyone else.

That’s the power of business networking.

What’s the longest lead time for one of your business networking sales?

Happy Networking!

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