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An Example of a Surprising Elevator Pitch

I am not prepared for what is hiding behind the curtain.

Well, that’s not really true.

I know exactly what’s behind the curtain.

I am not prepared for my six-year-old daughter’s reaction to it.

Because while it’s completely predictable to me,

At each unveil she turns to me with wide-eyed delight and gushes

“Daddy, this is AMAZING!”

Let’s face it.

I’m a little jaded.

And I greatly underestimate the joy of discovery.

Which gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because it’s possible that you have been talking about your expertise for so long that you think it’s getting boring.

Here’s the thing, though.

When done right, it’s not boring to other people.

In fact, it’s new information.

It’s a beacon of light.

It’s solutions they didn’t know existed to problems they could barely describe.

And that’s fun.

It’s fun seeing it through their eyes.

It’s fun to get excited again about something that was becoming ho-hum.

My daughter and I are at Disney on Ice.

A parade of princesses.

I know who’s coming out.

But each one is a surprise to my daughter.

She gleefully squeals each one’s name:





See, the show isn’t really for me.

It’s for her.

And your Elevator Pitch isn’t for you.

It’s for your prospects.

It’s for people who resonate with your message.

So it doesn’t need to be intricate, or clever, or new.

Just clear and authentic.

And exciting to your prospects.


If you are looking for a message that resonates with your prospects, I offer one-on-one Elevator Pitch coaching sessions and on-demand video training programs to help you get better leads from your Elevator Pitch.

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