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An unexpected referral

A few mornings ago a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee roll is quietly waiting on my kitchen counter when I come downstairs for breakfast.

Seems random.

Then I remember – we had been swapping mouth-watering pastry stories with my father-in-law’s in-home caretaker.

It is possible that during that conversation I mentioned my affinity for the Dunkin’ Donuts coffee roll.

So she was at Dunkin’ Donuts that morning and got one for me.

She’s sweet and thoughtful that way.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because I wasn’t asking her to pick up breakfast – and she did.

And you would like people to send you better referrals – and they don’t.

So how do you increase the chances that there’s be an introduction waiting quietly in your inbox in the morning?

Here are two stories:

1. Divorce Attorney Law Firms

A writer mentions that she wants introductions to law firms that specialize in divorce.

Two weeks later an introduction appears in her inbox.

That law firm becomes a client – she writes their blogs and content.

Will she write for other clients?

Of course!

But by asking for an uncomfortably specific introduction people remembered her. 

She seemed surprised, but it’s not surprising.

In fact, it’s a very effective Elevator Pitch Technique.

Ask for a specific introduction.

2. Chambers of Commerce

A participant in one of my presentations asks me that terrifying question:

“So, what’s your Elevator Pitch?”

Not much pressure, right?

Deliver an Elevator Pitch about giving Elevator Pitches.

So I say

I work with Chambers of Commerce that are concerned about keeping their super networker members engaged during the pandemic.

So if you know of a chamber that is looking for virtual networking program ideas, I’d sure like an introduction to them, and I’ll tell you why – it’s because they’re eager to provide engaging ways for members to connect with each other to share ideas and opportunities.

I have a very efficient virtual business networking program that is high energy, interactive, and gets the highest ratings from chambers and participants.

So if you hear of anyone looking for interactive virtual programs around business networking that would be a great introduction for me.

The Zoom chat box dings.

It’s an introduction to a Chamber of Commerce in Indianapolis.

Mic drop!

It was so perfect it almost looked like a setup.

I assure you it wasn’t.

It’s not surprising – when you’re specific.

So ask for a specific introduction.

See, I didn’t tell our in-home caretaker that I like donuts, or breakfast pastries, or something sweet in the morning.

I said “Dunkin’ Donuts coffee roll.”

Not getting introductions?

Be more specific.


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