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Are People Scrambling to Catch Up with your Elevator Pitch?

We stayed at four different hotels over four days during our vacation last month.

That means we had…

…four different thermostats to master.

…four different shower valves to decode.

…four different ice machines to locate.

…four different breakfast buffets to navigate.

…four different pack up and check outs the next morning.

It was a great trip… and completely discombobulating.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because each time you change your Elevator Pitch, you’re forcing the people who know you to check in to a brand new hotel.

Talk about discombobulating.

So the next time you have the urge to change your pitch so you don’t “bore people,” instead think of keeping the same pitch so that you can strengthen trust and deepen connections.

It doesn’t feel this way, but no one memorizes your pitch the first time you say it.

Don’t believe me? Then think back to the last networking event you attended. How many of those pitches can you repeat word for word?

Which means the real risk isn’t that you’re going to bore people – it’s that you’re going to be forgotten because you’re making people work too hard to remember who you are.

You build trust and become memorable by showing up the same way consistently over time.

Don’t make people check into a brand new hotel every time they see you. 

How consistent are you with your Elevator Pitch?

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