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Awesome Responses to COVID-19

Need some creativity for your business?

Here, for your inspiration, are five companies that didn’t miss a beat when the pandemic started.

1. Sprinkers

The company that keeps my lawn green sent one of the most practical and thoughtful COVID-19 policies I have seen.

Here’s the email: 

Regarding COVID-19: In an effort to follow the guidance on social distancing, we are attempting to limit our technician’s time inside customers’ homes. I do not have any record of where your controller is located. Is it inside or outside? If inside, is there a bulkhead or easy access to the basement so that the technician does not need to go through the main areas of your house? At this point, none of the technicians are sick, or displaying any symptoms. If that changes on our end, or if someone in your house has been sick, we will need to reschedule to a later date.

Incredibly they sent it on… March 16 – just three days after the governor closed the schools.

That’s nimble.

They’re getting their work done while taking excellent care of me and their employees.

2. Kids Crafts

All kid activities have ceased.

No sports or dance or theater or play dates or birthday parties.

Only homeschooling and family time.

What do we need?


Lots of crafts.

If you call our local craft store they’ll put together kits (ceramics and paints and glitter) and leave them on a table outside the store.

Drop by, pick up your craft, do it at home, then drive back and drop it off on the other table.

They glaze it and put it in the kiln.

Pick it up one week later.

Hey – happy kids = happy parents.

3. Dogs

My dog found and ate some chocolate.

At 5:33 pm on a Monday.

Vet had just closed.

So off to the local Pet Emergency Room.

They take the dog.

We watch them work on her from our car through the large plate glass windows.

Dog is fine.

Clever way to offer us access without being in the same room with them.

4. Target

In fairness, Target was offering drive up before the pandemic.

Which makes it even more impressive.

Contact-less shopping before it became a necessity.

Order on the app, drive up, tap a button, they put everything in your car.

No delivery charges.

No going into a store.


5. …

What company has impressed you with their response?

What’s your creative response to the pandemic?

Let us know in the comments…

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