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Bad Habits of Highly Effective Networkers

There’s one at every networking event.

The magnet.

Surrounded by smiling people.

Greeting everyone by name

Asking about your kids

Or your golf game

Or your vacation on Cape Cod.

Excited to see you at this event.

On this night.

Eager to catch up.

To hear the latest about your work.

Your life.

Your success.

Yes, Highly Effective Networkers are more intoxicating than that weak vodka tonic you’re holding.

But fear not.

It’s just bad habits.


Having fun at networking events.

Treating everyone you meet like your best friend.

Talking more about life than about work.

Who gets results that way?


Highly Effective Networkers do.

That’s who.

So maybe it’s time to fall in with the wrong crowd.

Just for a little while.

Pick up a few bad habits to improve your business networking results.

There’s nothing to lose.

After all,

Once you have enough business

That you don’t care about results anymore

You can always go back

To the way you’re doing it now…

Here are three particularly bad business networking habits of highly effective networkers:

1. Talk to Everyone

Effective Networkers don’t study attendance lists.

They don’t target prospects.

They don’t have a plan.

They don’t need one.

They already know everybody.

So they’ll get the right referrals

To the right people

At the right time.

And how is that they know everyone?

They don’t prejudge.

They start conversations with everyone.

Because you never know who knows someone who…

So leave your business cards at home.

Walk up to everyone with a smile.

Ask them if they attend a lot of these types of events.

Tell a quick story about something cool that’s happening in your life.

That’s it.

No business?

Not unless they bring it up.

Focus on being friendly and smiling.

People will look forward to seeing you next time.


Next time.

That’s how highly effective networkers know everyone.

They were smiling and friendly last time.

So everyone wants to talk to them this time.

Bad habit #1.

2. Share Your Rolodex

There’s little chance that

The person in front of you

Wants your services

Right now.

Yet there’s an excellent chance

That they want

Some sort of service

Right now.

Think about it for a minute.

How do you best start a relationship with this person?

By jabbering on about everything you do that doesn’t interest them?

Or by introducing them to the quality person who can help them right now?

The quality person.

That means someone who will return your call (and theirs).

Someone who’ll deal with them fairly and honestly.

Someone who embodies your values.

Because this person’s experience with them

Reflects right back on you.

A great referral develops trust.

So the next time they need a referral

They’ll come back to you.

Business networking is about

Developing trust and rapport

With other quality professionals

Who treat people the way you want them treated.

Create a quality Rolodex.

Then share it.

Bad Habit #2

3. Return Phone Calls

It’s easy to get in touch with Highly Effective Networkers.

They return calls.

They respond to emails.

No matter who gets in touch.

Because you never know who knows somebody who…

Get in the habit of responding to people.

That’s how you develop trust.

That’s how you expand your referral network.

That’s how you get first crack at the best opportunities.

Return phone calls.

Bad Habit #3

What bad habit gets you the best business networking results?

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