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My five-year-old daughter carefully pulls apart the two halves of the mini bagel, smiles when she sees gobs of cream cheese on each half, and sings “Daddy, you’re the best!”

I decide not to tell her that she almost didn’t get another bagel.

After all, she had two mini bagels with cream cheese for snack yesterday morning.

One for dinner last night.

And she scarfs this one down for breakfast.

Too much food repetition for me.

To her, the third time puts me in best daddy status.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because you probably think you’re being too repetitive.

“They’ve already heard my Elevator Pitch”

“I don’t want to bore them”

But your audience is more like my daughter.

When they hear the same thing for the third time…

They’re delighted!

They recognize you.

You become more memorable.

That’s right, you become more memorable by giving the same Elevator Pitch every time.

There are two other often overlooked reasons for sticking with the same Elevator Pitch.

1. There are always new people in the room

People who missed the last meeting



New members

They have never heard your Elevator Pitch before.

They will not be bored.

They may well be great connections.

So give them your best.

2. The people who do know you have different context

They’ve met new contacts

They’ve closed new sales

They’ve rolled out new products

Their business situation has changed (for better or worse)

Their personal situation has changed (for better or worse)

Which means the same Elevator Pitch that didn’t mean anything to them two, four, or 40 weeks ago

Now becomes very compelling.

Bagels? Again?


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