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Be Memorable – No Soul Searching Required

I learned more about the people sitting around the table that day than I had in the previous three years of twice a month listening to their 30-Second Elevator Pitch.

That day was the beginning of the end of cold call selling for me.

That day cemented some relationships that still generate profitable referrals more than a decade after that networking group disbanded.

That day was the birth of the Elevator Pitch Coach.

Because that day intrigued me.

It wormed its way deep into my soul.

That’s the day I realized I had been doing it all wrong —

Three years had passed, and, despite dutifully attending every meeting, I had never understood

…what specific problems anyone solved for their clients

…who their clients were

…what a good referral looked like – for them or for me

That day was like adding rocket fuel to our group.

Once we understood the specific problems people solved, and the specific people they solved them for, referrals started flowing.

We looked forward to the meetings.

We talked to each other outside the meetings.

We called each other for advice.

We introduced each other to other people who were a good fit.

And… the craziest thing is, many of those people are still my friends and referral partners more than a decade later.

All from a simple change in how we described what we do.

The technique is simple to explain:

Describe a recent client success

This is the single best change you can make to your Elevator Pitch.

The next time you stand up to introduce yourself at your networking group meeting, say “I’d like to share a recent client success,” then spend a few sentences talking about how you met them, why they needed you, and how you delighted them with the solution to their problem.

The hard part is – saying it clearly and concisely in just a few sentences.

Here’s an example Elevator Pitch:

I was working with a startup VC firm who was keeping track of their investors, investments, partner compensation and bonuses on a bunch of spreadsheets. I created an integrated portfolio management solution that streamlined their work flow so everyone was working from the same data. This reduced redundant work, reduced data errors, and provided consistently accurate information to run their business. 

Here’s another example of an Elevator Speech:

I was working on a strategic plan with a new head of sales at a large health insurance provider.
We hired a Chief Marketing Officer to help shift from account focused marketing to a balance between accounts and consumers. Here’s the chaos part. After a few months we had to hire back up the marketing management team and then get another Chief Marketing Officer on board.
Within a year, the new team ran an exciting consumer promotion around the blue bikes, and the satisfaction scores on the team jumped from 78% to 92%.

One more Elevator Pitch example? Sure!

A corporate tax lawyer attended my LinkedIn Workshop because he wanted to attract more customers through social media. By the end of the program he had optimized his LinkedIn profile, created a LinkedIn company page, set up his Twitter account, and learned how to use them effectively. He then promoted his tax update event on social media and doubled the usual number of CPA’s who attended. 

The best part is, sharing a specific client success story is the simplest way to train other people to spot good referrals for you.

Asking for referrals is awkward – for you and for them.

Talking about a specific client success inspires people to call you when they spot someone who is like your best client.

Anyone out there want more referrals that are more like their best clients?

Then talk about your best clients.

That’s how to be memorable – and get better referrals – no soul searching required.

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