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Being Memorable (in fewer than 10 words)

While organizing the pile of business cards on his desk, a business consultant comes to a startling realization about what it takes to be memorable.

“Wait, what do these people do again?”

He figures if he can’t remember what someone does,

They probably don’t remember him either.

And it leads to a question that I get asked all the time:

How do I make sure that people remember exactly what it is that I do?

On our free training webinar last week, I took a group of 50 people through a quick exercise on just this topic.

And it was amazing what they came up with.

To put it in context, let’s start where they started.

Where most people start.

By saying that they are a…

  • Project Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Travel Agent
  • Teacher
  • Lawyer

With this approach, it’s definitely a struggle to be memorable.

But with just a minor shift in thinking, here’s here’s how these same people now refer to themselves:

  • I’m leading a new construction project for the YMCA
  • I’m building software to make airline maintenance safer
  • I just reserved a honeymoon for a couple to Thailand
  • I just taught a group of kids how to create and shoot their own movie
  • I just helped a divorcing couple resolve a difficult custodial issue

Sound good?

Want your own?

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