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Boston Commons

Last Tuesday afternoon I pass up the inside scoop on Boston’s hippest new night-spot to point the out-of-towners in the right direction.

A couple approaches me on Comm Ave at Exeter in broken English.

“Where ‘Boston Commons’?”

The plural throws me.

Did a hip new night-spot just open up? (I’m always the last to know…)

I start with the more likely case:

“You mean the park in the middle of the city?”

They nod enthusiastically.

“You’re headed in the right direction. Only five blocks to go.”

They happily continue on their way.

I’m smiling. It feels good to help.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Here are 3 ways effective business networking is a lot like giving directions.

1. It’s about them

There are lots of cool places I could have directed them.

The Charles River. The Apple Store. The Museum of Science. The Freedom Trail.

All worthwhile destinations.

Just not for them on this day.

They want to go to the Boston Common.

So I help them.

As a Trusted Advisor you do the same for your prospects.

Whatever they need today, you know someone they can trust to help.

Especially if it has nothing to do with what you offer.

The good news is that your prospect remembers your help.

The better news is that your trusted resource remembers your referral.

The best news?

Even though it doesn’t seem to be about you.

They’ll both take your next call.


How do you help prospects in ways that have nothing to do with what you sell?

2. It Develops Trust

I must look like a Boston native.

People stop me all the time to ask for directions.

They won’t know whether they can trust me until they reach their destination.

That’s what makes business networking so powerful.

You have so many opportunities to develop trust.

On both sides of every referral.

How do you develop trust in your business network?

3. It’s About You

When you make the leap from selling to referring.

Your sales increase.

Prospects are excited to hear from you.

You attract more opportunities.

It’s the hidden benefit of your Elevator Pitch.

The first step towards Trusted Advisor selling.

Helping others helps you.

How are you helping the people in your business network?

Happy Networking!

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