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My wife and I could never have predicted that our then 18-month-old daughter’s seemingly innocent request would so strongly influence all future mealtimes, car rides, vacations, shopping trips, and of course, bedtime.


We had bought a backup lammy.

Our daughter’s favorite snuggly.

Right from the beginning.

So that a clean lammy can magically appear within seconds of any mishap.

And we pat ourselves on the back for our ingenuity.

Until one day.

One fateful day.

When our eagle-eyed 18-month old spots the backup.


It seems like an innocent enough request.

For both lammys.

We assume it’s a phase.

That this two shall pass.

Soon we purchase a third lammy.

To keep a backup in rotation.

And suddenly.


Edges it’s way into every aspect of daily life.

Both binkies.

Both dollies.

Both strollers.

Both cookies.

Our daughter becomes a Noah’s Ark of toddlerhood.

Can’t have just one doll in the car.

Need both.

Won’t drink just one yogurt smoothie for lunch.

Need both.

Can’t go to sleep with one binky.

Need both.

It’s a high-wire juggling act.

With no net.

Always gotta have both.

It’s quite stressful.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.


In your Elevator Pitch.

You can’t have both.

You have to pick one.

One product.

Or one service.

A participant at yesterday morning’s workshop shakes his head while mentally reviewing his Elevator Pitch.

“I forgot to mention that I also…”

It’s a common mistake.

Thinking that the goal of the Elevator Pitch is to mention everything.

When, in fact, the opposite is true.

The goal of the Elevator Pitch is to say one thing.

The one thing.

That is most likely.

To spark a productive business conversation.

With your best prospects.

I know.

One thing.

It seems so limiting.

Like you’re cutting off your options.

Especially since the best Elevator Pitch usually is not about

Your favorite product.

Or most profitable service.

Or even your most popular feature.


The best Elevator Pitch

Focuses on the one thing.

That’s most engaging.

To your best prospects.

That’s how you start the conversations.

That lead to sales.

Initially it seems like you’re selling yourself short.

Until you experience the avalanche of opportunity.

That comes from focus.

When you talk about one thing.

People will remember.

When they encounter that one thing.

That you’re the one to talk to.

So focus on that one thing.

It’s uncomfortable.

Just for a short while.

Until the opportunities start rolling in.

What’s the one thing that’s most compelling to your prospects?

Happy Networking!

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